Scope:Notes on Textual Content

It is important to note that not all possible tails are, or planned to be, described at this site. For instance, short nature walks were excluded. Further, some of the classic hikes are not explicitly given but can be extracted from some of the longer hike distributions. For instance, information on the Mt. Rainier Seattle Park trail can be extracted from the Mowich lake loop web page. Father, not all trails can be described to the same level of detail. In general the information presented at this web site is designed to compliment, not supersede, information provided in guide books exemplified by the works of Ira Spring and Harvey Manning. Lastly is should be reinforced that some hikes are simply not listed here. However, one advantage of a web site it that it can be easily updated. If you would like your favorite site added write to me and I will try to add it.